Category: Social Entrepreneur

The rise and rise of Sahar Mansoor

  Sahar Mansoor is a social entrepreneur and an environmentalist.  She is the founder and CEO of the Bengaluru (India) based zero-waste social enterprise. Sahar attended Cambridge University studying environmental economics and environmental law.  Upon leaving she worked for the World Health Organisation.  For her, this was an incredible experience…READ MORE

Creative Thinking Johanna Basford Adult Colouring Books- World of Flowers/Secret Garden

In an article titled ‘Rebalancing Dyslexia and Creativity at the RCA’, the Royal College of Art, the world’s number one art and design university, claim that 29% of its current students identify themselves as being dyslexic, when compared to 5–10% of the overall population (RCA, 2018). Coincidently, Johanna Basford, has…READ MORE

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