A Clean Act/Dyslexic Patron Darren Clark – Spotless Group

Darren Clark is the globetrotting Ambassador for Dyslexia Kenya and a British Dyslexia Association Ambassador, he is also the co-founder of Spotless Group.
Originally starting life as a trolley collector and steadily over time moving up the rank to retail management Darren eventually decided to go it alone to set up Spotless spaces a cleaning company which later with his business partner and co-founder became the spotless Group. This was to gave him the freedom to focus on his positive abilities and to measure success and would allow him to be in a position to genuinely help people in a way that worked for him and was a strong motive for him.
But just like most things in life any dramatic changes in life can come with huge risk and at huge cost. However for Darren those nagging doubts from his time at school only amplified those thoughts that he wasn’t good enough. Particularly if he was planning to go solo and moving away from his relative secure management position to becoming his own boss. But because Darren had failed academically at school due dyslexia any changes would be harder to adjust to and if his new venture had failed then he would have to resort going back to retail, by this time no longer fulfilled him.
So they branched out from not just cleaning companies but into training and events in 2016. He envisaged that they would grow the domestic cleaning so large that they could franchise it, and it would cover the whole of the UK a domestic cleaning. He has many aspirations, for the Spotless Group, and wants to continue growing it and helping to encourage more people regardless of background or qualifications that they can achieve their dreams. Having a mission statement is important to the group, because it’s important to vocalise exactly what is important to you and your business, having a mission statement allows everyone else to share in that, allows potential employees and clients to know your ethos and values, which means you can work with people who share in the same mission statement.
Spotless Group comprises of three different areas. Spotless Commercial Cleaning, which is a SME that specialises in commercial cleaning for commercial premises that, has employed over 300 members of staff and Domestic Cleaning Agency, which is a SME that specialises in cleaning people’s houses that we currently have 30 self-employed cleaners on our books. Finally at spotless training they believe that one size fits all. They know that all organisations have different goals that are achieved by many different people, all of whom learn in different ways. They also know that training is proven to benefit organisations that with increased productivity, improved employee well being lower levels of absenteeism and employee bottom line. However, they also know due to time constraints this is imperative business practice is quite often put on the back burner. That’s where they come in, as qualified specialists in both SME and commercial sectors, with over 40 years proven training and business experience; they can accelerate teams and new business heights.
On a personal note, he wants to continue raising awareness of dyslexia all over the world, helping in any way that he can, and eventually set up a global business academy to help others with dyslexia, to gain in experience in entrepreneurship, and business and have access to all support they need to in order to forge and pursue their dreams. When he visited the Rare Gem Talent School in Kenya for children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties, he was blown away with the incredible talent that each of them had, and wants to help facilitate ability in any way that he can.

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