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Resulting from my own experience and using this experience of being unemployed and struggling to find work plus being dyslexic, I eventually set up an employment agency in 2015 called Exceptional Individuals, specifically for people who might consider them to be neurodiverse.  

Matt Boyd is an entrepreneur running and owning a self sustainable and employment agency that is in a distinctive position is to provide a unique service for people who could be considered unique themselves. For Matt, it’s rewarding just knowing that it’s a challenge in doing something in business that hasn’t been successfully done before and to give people an opportunity to empower them to achieve success that they might have been denied before.

During the period when I was looking for work, what was available didn’t necessarily match up to what to what I was looking for, because my skills didn’t necessarily match up.  So it soon became clear I wanted to use my experience as a vehicle and to start something new so that employers could tap into the talent that had often been missed, because recruitment processes had often traditionally sifted and left this out, mainly due to their own lack of understanding.

The idea behind setting up Exceptional Individuals came about when I was aware that employers were actively seeking to employ the services of people with dyslexia, because by this time it was becoming more on the agenda for employers to tackle hidden disabilities in the workplace and some employers by this time were also becoming more aware of the advantages of employing people with dyslexia.  However when I was carrying out my own research, I soon discovered that none of the employment and recruitment agencies were doing this already. So I saw this as an opening, a niche in the market that he hoped to exploit and in doing so, and set up Exceptional Individuals.

At the start, when Exceptional Individuals was set up, I found that this was frowned upon by others, but I saw this as more than just a feasible business I was creating; I also saw it creating a social impact. Since for me I was helping to achieve diverse places of work and in my opinion this not only creates more productivity but is also more effective for the employer, so a win-win for all.

But setting up any business has its own unique and different challenges and for me I appreciated that although the 80% of my clients coming to me looking for work will have dyslexia, I also appreciated, for a variety of different reasons a lot of the same people may have had a lot of bad previous experiences in the past.  So Exceptional Individuals are people focused in ensuring that they all have tools to find an inclusive employer. Exceptional Individuals has the thinking they don’t just want someone with dyslexia to be fitted into a role; they want the right person with dyslexia to go to an employer making sure they have a skill set or having a willingness to learn.  To make this happen, Exceptional Individuals knows their audience and works actively with an employer to match up with the skill sets with the jobs that are ther

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